Hot, Fast And Overdue

There will be no feeling weird
when it comes to our estrangement,
Please keep in mind this is
a temporary arrangement.

At the most 3 weeks
and then it is the end,
But if you are good
I’ll recommend you to my friends.

Must be funny, sexy, witty,
intelligent and hard,
And if you’re to my likings
I’ll give you my card.

And when it’s all over it’s possible
I may shed a tear,
But I’ll be seeing you no more,
let’s make that very clear.

I’ll have fondest memories of you,
you know that is the truth,
But I’ll never take you home again,
as you’ve outgrown your use.

And if I end up keeping you
a bit longer than I planned,
Only the librarian will know
what a naughty girl I am.



21 thoughts on “Hot, Fast And Overdue

  1. Oh, how sad that our date
    Was only temporary.
    It was fun, the times we spent
    Though things got somewhat hairy.
    Your dog had the biggest teeth.
    When they bit me in the spine.
    It sure hurt like all kinds of heck.
    I just wanted to cry and whine.
    I seem to remember
    The sticky syrup that time
    Of chocolate on your hands
    But mostly you were very kind.
    You laughed at all my jokes
    And cried tears big as Moby Dick
    When things went downhill for awhile
    That was only a plotly trick.
    But things turned out so well
    By the time you got to the End,
    So I am so very glad.
    Hope to see you soon, my Friend.

  2. It has been many a year since I have used a library. This alone makes me want to go back. My problem is, when I read a book I want to own it. ๐Ÿ™‚ So now I have my own library!

    • Yes, you know this may seem like a travesty to you, but the truth is, new books are so darned expensive and I rarely reread a book although I do get the beauty of the whole ownership thing as well. It’s mostly thrift shops and libraries for me.

      • My husband worked next to a thrift shop and he brought me book after book after book. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was GREAT! Books for nickels and dimes! Sadly I don’t know why I have to have them. Like you, I seldom reread a book. But I do loan them out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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