No Act Of Kindness Goes Unnoticed

While mowing the lawn the other day,
I thought I’d do a favor,
And give a little trim,
To the garden of my neighbor.

But rather than thanking me
My neighbor was on guard
And asked me what the hell I thought,
I was doing in his yard.

Regardless of my intentions,
He told me just to cease,
“Is my garden not looking good enough to you?
I’m calling the police!”

And though my first try was a failure,
I would not be beat,
When I attempted to help a little old lady,
Walk across the street.

She hit me with her purse,
And screamed at me to stop,
As all people whipped out their cell phones,
And proceeded to call the cops.

But onward with my mission,
When a little child I did spy,
Standing there all alone,
With tears coming from his eyes.

I asked him if he was lost or sad,
Or if there was anything he needed,
But along came his mother who said,
“Are you some kind of pervert? Beat it!!”

So off I ran as fast as I could,
But before it all was through,
I heard the sirens wailing for apparently she,
Had summoned the men in blue.

So if your looking to do a deed of kindness,
Some small act of charity,
I hope you won’t hesitate to donate,
To my legal fees.


34 thoughts on “No Act Of Kindness Goes Unnoticed

  1. I love it! There’s a radio talk show host locally who famously says “No good deed shall go unpunished”. It’s so true. 🙂

  2. You’re on a roll maid (‘maid’ being what all young ladies are called in the West Country I should explain) – very good indeed. I was once in a queue at a local shop when a little old lady was fumbling in her purse in an attempt to find sufficient funds to pay for her groceries. She had not enough, yet as her bill was not that much I said ‘Don’t worry luv I’ll pay for that.’ Sadly she told me to ‘f… off’ and mind my own business!

  3. Ah, lawn problems. What can I say.

    My lawn gave me a look,
    then said, “I want to be on Facebook.”
    I said, “No way ever.”
    But one should never say never.

    Soon my lawn went crazy.
    I ended up walking through its mazy.
    Things went a little bit hazy.
    I went doosy as one big daisy.

    Next thing that I found out
    My lawn was going out and about
    Chasing my neighbors ’round
    The hood and all about the town.

    What could I do? I asked.
    As my recent lawn went and trashed
    Everything every which-a-way
    So I gave in that spring Saturday.

    Now my lawn has its page
    ‘Cause I surrendered to its rage
    And gave in the way I should
    For my lawn was king of the wood.

    • No, none are actually true. I do think about these things a lot though, especially with children. I see a lot sad or alone sometimes I want to talk to them but I’m always scared of what their parents will think or say once they pop up!

  4. OH these words are so true of how this world acts. It is so sad that the suspicion and anger are so rampant. Regardless of how this world thinks, I do believe in kind acts. And I do them. Thank you for writing this. Love, Amy

      • Sweetheart, I liked it so much I followed your blog. I “love” the feeling of your blog. And for this, I really thank you. Of late my life has been pretty involved, but when things do settle down, I really do my best to get to everyone’s blogs who I follow and who come see me. It’s pretty daunting, yet this is what I attempt to do. You have a great evening! Love, Amy

      • Sweetie, I do not know all who follow me, mostly only those who comment. When I do have time to go to the likes, I try to visit blogs. My Heart smiles to know you have enjoyed my work, and now I will enjoy yours. Some people just have mainly their blog as their focus in life. I have many other focuses in my life. Let’s just say, I do my best. Simply put. Bless you, Marissa! Love, Amy

      • After reading this, I tried to make a point of commenting on your most recent post but the link where it says ‘leave a comment’ seems to be disabled. Darn WordPress again, I’m assuming?? Anyway, beautiful piece.

      • There you go, Marissa. I just enabled them. I had disabled them when I first created this post when LIFE was seriously giving me a time and a half. Now my comments are OPEN. Again, forgive the oversight on MY part!!! xx Amy

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  6. This is still my favourite one Marissa – not laughed so much since the Missus left me! (I just put that in for effect, I didn’t mean it about the Missus and would like to ensure her lawyers Takeall and Robyer understand this).

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