It’s Like, You Know…

My dear old mother used to say,
Try to do an act of kindness every day,
A good, old fashioned idea made easier,
By increased technology and social media.

For sending a text or an email through,
Is a low maintenance way to say, ‘I’m thinking of you,’
Without ever having to succumb to the pressure,
Of making a date to hang out together.

But probably the least taxing of all,
Is hitting a like button on the Facebook wall,
And an easy feat for you, yet the writer is agog,
By simply hitting ‘like’ at the bottom of their blog,
A mutually beneficial power of which you are endowed,
And what better place to start but here and now.


29 thoughts on “It’s Like, You Know…

  1. This is very strange – I ‘liked’ this before I liked it if you get my drift! There was me, having read your whimsical verse thinking I’ll ‘like’ this and lo and behold it was done………could this be time to visit the quack…..?

      • How can I have ‘liked’ something before I liked it though? Must be the heat – South East England is scorching today. Must be the heat……..

      • I’m getting terribly confused….so the like appeared on the page before you actually hit the like button?? That has happened to me but I just told myself that I must have hit the like button instead of simply clicking through…but now that you say it happened to you…? That is, if I am understanding correctly!

      • Using the most frightening phrase in the English language, ‘Roger that.’ Yes it appeared be I ‘liked’ – I may be insane but mad…..yes perhaps I’m going mad….I shall check with the wife, she’ll know!

  2. I LOVE the ‘like’ button. And appreciate everyone I get.
    Sometimes though it feels insufficient.

    (Please read that out loud so you are sure to catch the rhyme.
    I’m needy like that.)


    • Got it. Very clever. And yes, sometimes like seems insufficient. How are we to know the blog was actually read? That’s why comments are so appreciated as well ( which you are great at!)

      • I have had more likes than reads on posts, since they changed the reader to where a post can be liked without going to it. Or it used to be that way anyway. I do believe in commenting. Though I have to admit sometimes it gets very busy trying to read and comment AND write. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, while I love the likes, I do sometimes wonder if they become automatic. (“Oh, if I don’t ‘like’ it, she’ll think I dislike it and then… oh… ok… I’ll just ‘like’ it.”) So, I too, prefer the comments but most of my readers are the silent type. *pouty face* Besides the confirmation that the blog was truly well liked that the comments bring, it’s also just a lot more fun to interact with people than to see that star… not that I mind seeing the star, of course… πŸ™‚

    • Usually when I get that I think they may have accidentally hit like then hit again (to dislike) and then hit again (to relike)! I don’t know what happened but once a woman went crazy hitting the like button so that I had four notifications from her, the end result being that she didn’t like it at all. I guess I really confused her that day!

    • Thanks Sparrow! I guess this one was a bit sarcastic but I do think it’s nice to like a person’s post. Okay, you’ve done your good deed for the day. Now you are free to do evil for the remainder!

    • As you know, for the most part, my poetry can never be taken to seriously. The poem started out, somewhat sarcastically, saying social media was a low maintenance way of reaching out to someone, and then ended with an obvious attempt for me to try and get likes on my blog. I do think it’s kind of cool that someone sees more into my poetry than I do.

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