Think Before You Ink

John has so many tattoos,

He looks just like a biker,

He got one of his wife,

But it really don’t look like her.

Eddie got a tribal tattoo,

To fit in with the scene,

Don’t tell him but I’m pretty sure,

He doesn’t know what it means.

Jason wanted some fresh ink,

He didn’t know what to do,

Now his entire forearm,

Says ‘My First Tattoo’.

Anne got a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name,

A love that was forever,

But her plans got thwarted,

Now they’re no longer together.

When I think of artwork for myself,

I’m clearly at a loss,

Think I’ll wear some jewelry and if I don’t like it,

I can just take it off.



35 thoughts on “Think Before You Ink

  1. I have no tattoos myself, but I find them disproportionately sexy on men. I don’t know why. Maybe a vague image of virile sailors is evoked or something. LOL!

    • I’m kind of like that with earrings. I am one of the very few who do not have my ears pierced and kind of don’t see the sense in it…getting a hole in your ear to wear jewelry?? (Of course, if you have earrings I mean no offense, they look lovely, just not for me, you know). Men on the other hand, love earrings on them!! I want my son to get his ear pierced, not my daughter, (eventually of course!)

  2. Almost a lyric as well as a very fine verse – write up a chorus, maybe change the last line so as to preserve his masculinity and young G could turn it it to song and you would both make millions and not throw a penny my way when I’m begging in the gutter! Life just isn’t fair.

    • I’m kind of a bit of a purist in general, but I understand that many people have different types of (let’s just say) unnatural enhancements done and it really does a lot for their self esteem. As for tattoo makeup…I just hope whoever’s doing it has a steady hand!!

    • Yes, definitely weird when you think about images people would want permanently on their bodies. Some tattoos I think are pretty cool and others i think ‘why?’ Obviously the inspiration for this poem

  3. And…as at least one man of my acquaintance found out…tats on or near the face (in plain view) hurt your chances at landing a good job…or the chance for one. Not everybody can be—or stay as—a hard rock star!

  4. Maybe the second tattoo could say, “My Second Tattoo,” and so on πŸ™‚ I’m with you, I love the idea of tattoos, and quite appreciate other peoples’, but could never quite think of something I’d want forever on me.

    • You should probably get the title of your new book tattooed…talk about self promotion. As for the tattoo, it belongs to one of my husband’s friends who I do my best to have as little to do with as possible!

      • I was actually thinking of getting a tattoo of the tree from The Sneaker Tree or having a white picket fence tattooed around my bicep for White Picket Prisons. If my books were selling better I might do it. 20 years from now who wants to be reminded of their failures?

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