Purgatory Of Verse

They litter my mind like so many proverbial
balled up scraps of paper,

Words that I peruse again and again,
whether to discard or to savor,

I can send them to heaven’s gate
of sublime publication,

Or discard them to the trash, sentenced
to hellish damnation,

And though one may be better,
perhaps neither is worse,

Than to be fated to sit endlessly
in the purgatory of verse.





14 thoughts on “Purgatory Of Verse

    • Actually it’s my email drafts. It could be my wp drafts but I try not to put anything in wp before I am ready to publish. I have a fear that while I’m trying to edit I will hit publish by accident which has happened to me on numerous occasions!

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  2. Great idea! I think some of my random thoughts would be better served in the purgatory of verse.
    Unfortunately I let them out to the public because of my indulgences. 🙂

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