My Abusive Muse

Oh where has that naughty girl gone?
Has she once more gone astray?
She hides in the oddest of places,
And she’s sometimes gone for days.

And who knows where she goes to,
And who knows where she’s been,
The men she’s used or substances abused,
It’s quite the ugly scene.

And when I find her she will fill my head,
With thoughts inappropriate,
And so you see it’s her not me,
Who writes this filthy smut.

Sometimes I try to punish her,
And call her a filthy whore,
But she wriggles her voluptuous bottom at me,
Giggles and cries “More!”

I try to coax her with love and nature,
But she just says it makes her ill,
And embarrasses me for even thinking it,
As my fingers type at her will.

From the satire of Shel Silverstein,
To the wit of Dorothy Parker,
But so morose she scorns my prose,
And urges me “Darker, darker.”



15 thoughts on “My Abusive Muse

  1. Super heroes aren’t the only ones with alter egos. πŸ™‚ Mine, like yours lurks and is prone to surface every now and then.

  2. an impish git, is she? Mine leads me onto paths well–less than 8 fold! I was wondering when you and your gal we’re gonna come out an’ play again…:) πŸ™‚

    Let’s play freeze tag…wanna?

  3. Got to tell you that I am impressed that you would rhryme Dorothy Parker with darker. I am sure Dorothy would give you a thumbs up for that one. And I know where your muse goes, she shows up at my house. And she is one real bitch, I got to tell you.

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