We Talk

We talk about our children potty training,
We talk about what they eat,
We talk about our day at work,
And what was on TV.

We talk about refi rates,
And economy and wealth,
We talk about politics,
We talk about our health.

We talk about the weather,
And how we spent our morning,
And as we talk I wonder,
When did we get so boring?


19 thoughts on “We Talk

  1. right? I try to talk about events, and that just muddies the day to day issues. As in: “What exploded? Al Qaeda’s invaded the bathroom?”

    That type of thing…;)

    At least we are all in this mundanity together…:)

      • Uhm…..if your posts are any indication of your conversations they most certainly have followed you!!! The funny, fun, odd or sad I mean. Unless of course you don’t go around talking in rhyme or prose. Though, if you don’t, I challenge you to do so for an entire day!

      • You have no idea. I don’t talk in rhyme but it’s gotten to the point that I think in rhyme. Mostly because I am constantly trying to create poetry in my head.

      • I don’t write in rhyme but your comment about thinking in rhyme reminded me that I often think of my children with their aliases I use in my blog. If I’ve been composing a story in my head and then go to tell someone about it, I’ll slip and call my children by their blog names instead of their own!

  2. I had a party this past weekend and as the time approached, I told my teenage daughter how excited I was getting. Because of the 70s/80s theme, I acted like I was dancing and said, “We’re going to party like it’s 1999!!” And then laughed. She raised her eyebrows at me and then sat up straight with her hands primly in her lap and said, “No, you guys will be like ‘So, how is your daughter doing?'” I thought Wow. Is that really how she thinks we spend our time? And while we didn’t spend (much) time talking about our children, I suppose it was a much more tame affair than I had intimated to her ahead of time, even after alcohol had time to influence matters. lol

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