He Who Laughs Last…

If followers become immersed,

In your witty yet subversive verse,

And decide they don’t like the tone,

(Or accidentally hit unsubscribe on their iPhone),

A situation arises most appalling,

As you watch those statistics falling,

And your conscious may prevent the release,

Of a controversial masterpiece.

You wonder who might get offended,

Or leave your page most discontented,

But I just say of those folk,

Fuck โ€˜em if they can’t take a joke.


19 thoughts on “He Who Laughs Last…

  1. !!! so totally and then some extra….I have thought about this; what if the writers of yore had been hampered by the instant feedback aspect–the constant gladhand-ery–what muted masterpieces might have been made!! (oh so alliterate…hehe…that just worked out)

    I love the tone! The content, and the irreverence–I am all about irreverence. You are Amy Poehler fun!! Quirky and spot on “beats”!!

  2. HA!!!! I knew the f bomb would be in there! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have accidentally unsubscribed before (they shouldn’t have the ‘follow’ and ‘like’ button so dam close). If persons don’t like what they read….they don’t have to read. It’s so easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I intend to keep reading. I like your wit and charm.

  3. I was just thinking, a little too late obviously, that on my music list today I should have put Sisters Grimm on the list along with one if your YouTube videos and a link to your blog. I suppose I could go back and edit it….

  4. True! Plus, there are a lot of people who subscribe who never seem to actually read the blogs. Sort of serial subscribers. They probably did unsubscribe by accident. I’m helped by the fact that numbers stick in my head about as well as two soft sides of a velcro stick together, that is, not at all. If my number of subscribers changes, I might suspect, but I can never be sure. Definitely don’t stop writing possibly controversial things!

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