Evil Eve In Eden

It was in the Garden of Eden,
That Eve lay in repose,
But no need to bring an apple in,
To make her feel the need for clothes.

The snake, let’s call him Dior,
To her did appear,
And said, “That nakedness is nice,
But face it, it’s so last year.

Your figure so athletic,
I’d say that it just begs,
For a pair of Jimmy Choos,
To elongate those legs.

And now just so your look,
Can live up to your dreams,
Here’s what every diva wants,
Some bootylicious jeans.

A glittery rhinestone belt,
To make your waist look tiny,”
At this Eve was mesmerized
Grabbed it and said “Shiny!”

And then along came Adam,
Eve said, “Hey there handsome,
No more sitting in this garden,
You’re taking me out dancing!

But you better put on some clothes,
And get yourself looking right,
After all I ain’t gonna stare,
At that thing all night!”

So Adam put on a wife beater,
Some boxer shorts that weren’t too sweaty,
Took in Eve’s disapproving stare,
And said “What? I’m ready!”




29 thoughts on “Evil Eve In Eden

  1. DID YOU KNOW….that according to verifiable eye witnesses ( ! ), Winston Churchill pottered about in the White House (1940’s) in his boxer shorts (in the private living quarters)? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I about died laughing when I read the “bag the garden, bring on the disco ball” Marissa, you have captured my fancy with this sequel to the original lunch date. We have wonderfully similar minds, I think!! Really off the rails, but in the funnest way. I am super glad to meet a fellow…um…a like minded…er…uh yeah. Rock an’ Roll super-stah!! (for me, just air…;)

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