Rally For The Resurgence Of The Codpiece

So many fashions come and gone,
But one that might have lingered on,
And most practical of these,
May have been the codpiece.

A protective plate used in armor,
Sometimes called a willy warmer,
Ostentatious and audacious,
While salacious and flirtatious.

What man would not say okay,
To this most delightful display,
With it Blackie Lawless had no bones,
But do you know, neither did Tom Jones?

The piece often adorned with pockets,
Perfect to substitute your wallets,
For what cashier would not mind,
Taking cash from a place where the sun don’t shine.

But if the maker were so rude,
Or perhaps just in a foul mood,
Or what some might consider a bitch,
And made an inverted stitch,
I do not envy the poor sod,
Who would then feel it right in the cod.


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