You Can Take The Girl Out Of Brooklyn…

People now I have to warn ya’,
If moving from New York to California,
It might not just be the way you talk,
That gives the natives culture shock.

Perhaps more spread out than lofty,
Wait a little longer for your cawfee,
Be sure to watch the sarcastic tongue,
And control the impatience to get things done.

Work on the ingrained avoidance of people’s eyes,
When passing on streets try to say ‘Hi’,
But when all this forced politeness,
Paired with unbearable niceness,
All does reach a fever pitch,
And you get the undeniable urge to bitch,
Watch the shocked faces of the natives looking,
At the girl that was taken out of Brooklyn.


26 thoughts on “You Can Take The Girl Out Of Brooklyn…

  1. OMG. This is exactly how I feel with my recent relocation here! They can take the girl out of her town, but they’ll never get the town out of the girl!

  2. Ha! I love this one. Definitely what’s happened with my move from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh, though since I’m from California originally, the saying hi to people on the street thing is a bit like going back to my childhood.

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  5. Love this! This line grabbed me ‘Wait a little longer for your cawfee,’ It’s amazing how in New York the service is instant and also the coffee is perfect. It has its own culture and this makes me hope I go back to visit again soon!! Lucky you to live there 😉

    • I don’t live there anymore Lita. The poems about my experiences leaving NY and coming to CA, hence the title ‘you can take the girl out of Brooklyn’. I understand, there’s a lot of blogs out there and sometimes hard to read all of them thoroughly. Thank you for your support. By the way, NY also has some kicka** pizza!

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  9. You’re not being ‘followed’ by a lunatic by the way – I’ve already liked and read your pieces on my own blog and therefore have no hesitation ‘liking’ them on this blog I write for! Mike Steeden

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