The Schizophrenic Tendencies of A Rock N’ Roll Super Mom

Sitting in the office, the need to unleash,
The inner working of the beast,
When my work appropriate dress,
Is lost for fishnets and spandex.

Or perhaps at a child’s birthday party,
When I dance on the bar and bust out the Bacardi,
Waiting for my child at school as I wreak havoc,
Insisting all mothers air guitar as I sing Black Sabbath.
Or perhaps sitting bored at a meeting,
I’ll jump up and scream, “I can’t hear you Cleveland!!”

All these thoughts barely contained,
As I apologetically explain,
That I used to play in a Β rock n’ roll band,
And never expect them to understand.

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22 thoughts on “The Schizophrenic Tendencies of A Rock N’ Roll Super Mom

  1. I love it – that’s a great photo! Is that an Ibanez that you’re playing? You’ve nailed the post rock life. I live in a suburban/rural area and I don’t think that my neighbors could come to terms with the tri colored hair, bass playing neighbor’s past that is me. Rock on!

  2. What a great day on your blog–I love this one, too! I think you should do all those things and to hell with any moms who don’t jump in with air guitar or people at meetings who don’t start screaming. Rock n Roll Supermom’s gotta do what Rock n Roll Supermom’s gotta do!

  3. You are the most eclectic blogger I know! So does this past life ever resurrect itself, like in a professional arena where one of your inconspicuous (Not!) followers might slip inside to observe whilst blending in with the rocker crowd? Love the Black Sabbath line. Believe it (or not?) I was a big fan. And the Scorpions, too.

    • I can only hope it might resurrect itself! I was a huge metal head in the 80s, if you haven’t already guessed. Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, you name it! So cool to hear you were (somewhat) too.

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  6. I would love to to this… jump up and scream, β€œI can’t hear you Cleveland!!”
    Thank you for puting that moment in my head! You describe the buzz of being on stage so vivid. Top drawer!

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