Nobody Told Me I Would Have To Cook Too!

Looking for a little snack?
Perhaps a late night munchy?
Don’t look to me for spaghetti,
Unless you want it crunchy.

Even mac and cheese a dish,
That from me goes astray,
As my family runs for dinner,
But often the other way.

Frozen entrees are my friend,
They just never get old,
But even in these no guarantees,
The centers won’t be cold.

I scout out bargain bins and discount racks,
To supplement my family’s diet,
And once prepared we find out,
Why no one wants to try it.

I don’t discern much at grocery stores,
Look in my cart and you will see.
I’ll buy it if it’s cheap and easy,
(Just like me!!)

Which probably explains my husband,
And why for me his heart did plummet,
For somehow I won his affections,
But it wasn’t through his stomach!




23 thoughts on “Nobody Told Me I Would Have To Cook Too!

  1. Ha, excellent! And also, they say the best way not to have to do the dishes is to break one, right? Maybe someone else will deal with the cooking.

  2. how wonderfully apropos. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your style is so fresh! I’m “fend” of it already!! (and to save a step–fend sounds like fond but is that ooey gooey reduction from cookin’…:)

    • I assumed fend was a substitute for fond but the just the fact you know it is an ooey gooey reduction proves your knowledge of cooking far exceeds mine…hence fondue I suppose. Thanks for your comments Karen!

      • Actually, just realized my misstep in logic as the cooking term is fend, not fond, throwing this whole fondue thing out the window! Whoops! Anyway, I am glad you are fondue of it anyway!

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