Suffering the Suffragette (The Dying Art of Chivalry)

She said she doesn’t need a man,
To give her validation,
And told him Tori Amos,
Was her biggest inspiration.

She then condemned the opposite sex,
For seeing her for physical features,
And made it perfectly clear,
She thought them inferior creatures.

She threw out terms like slut shaming,
And reviled sexist hating,
And made is clear these were rules to which he should adhere,
Should they continue dating.

When she was done he didn’t know,
Whether to  leave or to applaud,
But she was hot, so with feminism,
He would get onboard.

And immediately began thinking himself,
A liberated fella,
But when they reached the door,
He encountered his first dilemma.


18 thoughts on “Suffering the Suffragette (The Dying Art of Chivalry)

  1. Love it! As far as the dilemma encountered in your poem, sometimes I worry that holding a door open will be misconstrued as a sexist act.

      • Yes, we’re a confused folk right now. Makes me think that Ray Davies was right in Apeman. Time to sail away to a distant shore and get away from the craziness that society has become.

  2. Love the ending, HA. I do pity the poor men who have to sort through it all. I’m with Carole — chivalrous gestures make me feel a little awkward, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

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  5. Such an iconic issue for feminism, you wrap it up beautifully! I don’t envy ‘new’ men when they walk a lady to the door! What do they do next? Love the way this is your cliffhanger. A delightful read as always. Bravo!

  6. BLOOD TRAIL????? Men will be men….”she’s hot…” whether women want it that or not. Our idea of attraction remains the same…just the ways of aaccomplishing our goals have to adapt. 🙂

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  8. Well, I’ve held the door open for others, and others have held the door open for me. A man once thanked me for not kicking me in the shins when he held the door for me – so maybe it’s as much about the loss of so-called common courtesy.

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