A Message To My Blogging Friends

An introvert lives in her mind,

Making friends harder to find,

And so much easier to take that chance,

With words carefully thought out in advance.

The writing and personality comes through it’s clear it’s

About much more than personal appearance,

So is it sad or a relief

That it’s likely we will never meet.


19 thoughts on “A Message To My Blogging Friends

    • So apropos and superb too. Been trying to reach you a couple of times at your email that has some combination of 062 in it. Is that the right one as haven’t heard back.? So is it time to consider to collaborate or for me to capitulate?

      • That’s the one I’ve been using from your profile and hadn’t received any notification they did/nt go through so???
        So unlike me here is mine sless13@gmx.com Could you send me a message and I’ll see if you will receive the one I send in return after. Of course like a Bozo I deleted the first one as I always do so I will have to recreate the spiel.
        Ah, you’re well worth it.

  1. Although apparently sometimes blogging people do meet in the real world, which just sounds frightening to me. Written words are so much easier.

  2. It’s okay if we don’t meet. I like you through your words. And if we meet what would we do? We’d talk. With words. So either way….we’re communicating. And meeting. 🙂

  3. I like to think we’ll meet one day. I picture myself with long, gray hair, pulling up in an ancient Winnebago to some dive bar out in Cali, and meeting up to knock a few back with you and your cool hubby and maybe listen to your awesome, by then adult kid perform. Or maybe it’ll be somewhere in Denver. Or Boulder works fine for me too. LOL

  4. I actually enjoy ‘meeting’ people through their words. It eliminates any prejudice from appearance that we may carry with us. If someone finds me appealing through my blog and and my words, then they’ve seen the real me.

      • It is for me. I know that I’ve met people in the past that ‘appeared’ as someone that I wanted to know. Over time the shine came off of the apple and I was able to see who the person really was.

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