The Official List of Lists (In Verse)

On the blogosphere I’ve noticed this,
We bloggers sure do like our lists.

Mommy bloggers cross continental,
Listing all things sentimental,
And as for those moms more ironic,
Liken their young ones to midget alcoholics.

Comedic blogs hit a high fever,
Listing things they hate about Justin Beiber.
Or other subjects surely done,
Like Miley Cyrus or the Kardashians.

Dating bloggers in lists often quip,
How to get in or out of a relationship.
I think Paul Simon did it like no other,
In ‘50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’,
(But perhaps modernizing could entail,
‘Send ‘em a text Rex’, or ‘An email Gayle’)

Music bloggers have it easy,
Listing songs and albums hard, fast, or sleezy,
But may I recommend this?
Perhaps you can create a Liszt list.
Although perhaps you’d second guess,
As it’s much funnier only in concept.

But the one I guess most can’t resist,
Is probably The Bucket List,
Though these I never could quite understand
Since I never made it much past ‘ice’ and ‘sand’.




16 thoughts on “The Official List of Lists (In Verse)

  1. One might say that today the quality of your output was exponentially beyond sufficient, but as for the quantity kind of deficient as you left them wanting more of that great stuff,

  2. You too are the master, er, I mean the Mistress of self-deprecation as your quality is what it’s all about. So instead of NAA in your case, it’s all YAA.

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    • It’s the weekly challenge. Did you know? If not you can add link to your blog. Btw, plan to like your FB page once I get access to computer where my son is currently camped out!

      • Ha ha I’m dreading the day mine learns to type 🙂 and no the weekly challenges haven’t been showing up on my reader for a while – I’ve been looking for something to write about other than all of the above just to give myself a break lol

  4. Brilliant! Love your additions to 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover! Sorry I sometimes miss commenting on yours. I’m not getting the notifications. You should write an entire updated version of that song. If you posted a video of you singing it I would definitely re-blog that!

    • If you want it to count, we can make it count! Shhh… don’t tell anyone but I was kind of poking fun at all the listers out there. Let’s make it our little secret, shall we?

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