A Poem That Takes The Cake

When reading this morning’s Daily Post,

My interest was aroused,

When asked what I would I do,

If I found a strange couple eating cake in my house.

You see it matters not who the couple is,

Or whether into my house they did break,

Let’s focus on what’s important here,

And readers, that is the cake.

For if they brought more for me and my family,

Well, you see, that is fine,

And this couple are now our dearest of friends,

And welcome back any time.

But if from my fridge, the cake they did take,

Well readers, now they are done,

And they better get the hell out of my house,

Or I’m calling 911.



12 thoughts on “A Poem That Takes The Cake

  1. Aww, go on….” let them eat cake!” I absolutely LOVE what you did with this prompt. It’s the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned and I bet you can have your cake poem and get Freshly Pressed too. Btw, please call me Stephanie. I so enjoy when I get email signaling you’ve posted again.

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