Please Give

In Beverly Hills you look at me so piteously,
My grubby fingers press the glass so longingly,
As I look at designer clothing so fine,
But with two children to raise I know they’ll never be mine.

But fear not readers for I have arranged,
A way that you now can make a change,
For so recently I have begun,
The Marissa Bergen Wardrobe Fund.

Think of how much better your life will be lived,
Knowing that I’ve given you this chance to give,
And I’m sure no feeling could be finer,
Than knowing your $25 bought me an eyeliner.

And if you really need to beat the blues,
250 buys me a new pair of shoes,
So if you want to feel better in every way,
Please send in your donation today.

And if making a real difference is what you seek,
Act now- Manolo Blahniks are on sale this week,
And for giving you all this opportunity for helping,
I say not thank you but your welcome.


15 thoughts on “Please Give

  1. ha! – – I thought I was alone in the house and started really laughing and then my kids asked me what was so funny. I showed them the picture and they didn’t know how to take that. I laughed even harder. This was beyond clever!!

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