If Samson wasn’t a Judge of Israel,

But say President of the U.S.A.

And Delilah not from the Valley of Sorek,

But just a homely intern from L.A.

Perhaps a great scandal would occur,

Where the word impeachment might have arisen,

And perhaps his wife would come to his side,

And publicly announce she forgives him.

Or perhaps to this day with the intern he’d stay,

And into disgrace he would fall,

As she worked on taking over the country,

And dumping him when he went bald.


9 thoughts on “Delilah-Gate

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  2. It’s a sad tale–I like how you make it all about the women, and forgiving or not, using or not. And speaking of, just heard from a friend that a 21 year old at her office hadn’t heard of Monica Lewinsky…

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