I Suffer In Silence

My daughter’s birthday hand in hand,
With memories of Legoland,
A broken shoe, a bag forgotten,
Could not make my memories rotten.
A hotel room where it would be sheer luck,
To escape lice and bed bugs,
And my patience wearing thin,
With all the lines that we stood in.
But all this would barely matter,
My daughter’s happiness I would rather,
Nor did it dampen the spirits of our foursome,
Lest we think it any less than awesome.
But my soul with Satan I’ll secretly haggle,
To see this place drowned in Kragle.


11 thoughts on “I Suffer In Silence

  1. Ha! But it was all worth it for your daughter’s happiness and also for this photo, which is the cutest photo I think I have ever seen. Clearly an awesome trip.

  2. After many, many trips with lost hats, meltdowns, wet shirts, long lines on hot days, etc., I can truthfully say I feel the same way about Sea World! Great blog!

  3. As torturous as some of the trips were I’m still missing the days when my boys were thrilled to go to a theme park with Dad. Some of my first blog posts 9 years ago were about a trip to Disney. I think I’ll post one of those tomorrow and credit you for the inspiration.

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      • I feel like part of a club knowing what you were talking about….just reading your Lego Movie post now…..waiting to see your take on it……longest movie I think I ever sat through….

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