The Art Of Being Unique

What have I learned? What do I know?

The thoughts that mystify me so,

A handful of knowledge, the title I’ve won,

As Jack of All Trades and master of none.

And if Socrates was to question my head full of stuffing,

I’d have to admit that I probably know nothing.

But I think if Mae West gave some thought to it,

It’s not what I do but rather how I do it.

So I’ll tell you not how to dress or what to say,

But do it all in such a way,

That in this world there will be something more,

Than what had been there before.

An energy, a sparkle, a random thought,

A lesson which can be learned but never taught.



8 thoughts on “The Art Of Being Unique

  1. From another who’s happy to be called unique, I also don’t see it as bleak. When labelled weird or strange, I don’t take it as a sign that I need to change. You say your mind is full of stuffing but it’s just that you’re not huffing and puffing. There’s nothing cooler than uniqueness avowed, and of your humility, Socrates would be proud! Thank you for speaking this out loud.

  2. I loved that! As the mom of a “unique” son who is often misunderstood, I finally learned to accept him for his quirks. I finally stopped trying to teach him to be neurotypical, and vowed not to try and change him but just to teach him to be safe and independent. I finally realized that he is already making this world “something more” just by being himself.

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