The ’80s Are Calling…

A Trans-Am blasting synthesized music,

When we chose life, relaxed and didn’t do it,

When we padded our shoulders until it was odd ,

And the higher the hair the closer to God.

Neon colors and Chams De Baron,

Parachute pants and Duran Duran,

By the 90s we decided that was all wack,

‘Til some stupid designer brought all of it back.



13 thoughts on “The ’80s Are Calling…

  1. Haha. Yes, and now I think the 90s, (or maybe even the 00s) are about set to be back in again, too. Love this one. Closer to god, ha 🙂

  2. Personally, my favorites were the big hats and eye netting of the 1930-40’s, and the styles were gorgeous–like the dress Mae West was wearing in your unique poem. My mom, born in 1913, once told me that all those stylish velvet and satin dresses weighed about 45 pounds. That’s like lifting weights while you’re dancing. :–)

      • Absolutely. I see a lot of the 1960’s styles coming back in, including the pointed toes. And I still have a pair of platform wedges from the 1970’s I never wore. The 2 things I remember were that women wearing pointed toes in the 1960’s now suffer from painful hammer-toe and in the 1970’s there was a rash of broken ankles because of platform shoes.

      • Yes. Personally I’ve come close to twisting on ankle on a platform shoe many a time. In fact, just yesterday commiserating with a friend who had a badly sprained ankle from just that!

  3. OMG….hair higher to God! And Duran Duran! You are speaking my language, but you’re right…..the past is better in the past in this case!

  4. Interesting how there is so much ’80s nostalgia with kids. I taught a fashion blogging class for Bronx school students, and they loved this decade. Well, parachute pants, what not to love, ha ha.

      • Absolutely…but it’s also strange how it has become like a kind of idealized paradise. Before the internet, when supposedly people dealt with each other in a more “civilized” way, which definitely was NOT true. It did have neon socks, though!

  5. you gotta know that higher hair/closer to God line is positively transcendental. The 80’s were my era–and funny, we brought back the 60s then–I remember when 80s first became retro thinking: no, you’re doing it wrong…ahh. The 60s were still a lil cooler, but 80s–the VHS generation…:)

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