Teenage Romance
Like. Love. Jerk. Dumped. Over. Next.

Sexting At Work
Text sent. Oops! Not husband. BOSS!

Underage, underbred, misunderstood, overwhelmed, overrated, overdose.




10 thoughts on “666

  1. love this. Brevity is the key to great writing I think. Where your words really pack a punch. Not like this comment. This comment is itself prolly longer than all 3 stories…um…space filler….as mentioned above, as reiterated below, and according to a panel of expert-textperts. To sum up, that is why word choice is so important!!

      • it does indeed. And takes effort on the commenter’s behalf. Stacked side to side with allLLLllll the blogs out there, that can take up a lot of time.

        Your comments are always very specific–separating them from the pack, and making them hugely viable input!

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