Why Hannah Can’t Spel

Some children might be good at math,
And think it not so telling,
When they make a mistake,
Like a minor misspelling.

But I thought it rather sad,
And by no means funny,
When on my neighbor’s door hung her daughter’s sign,
Saying, “Welcome Ester Bunny.”

Spelling’s not always an easy task,
So by no means should we berate her,
I think the problem begins,
When we congratulate her.

If you celebrate her mistakes,
Your efforts will be foiled,
When you find yourself a victim of,
A child that is spoiled.

And if you are too careful ‘bout,
What will or won’t upset her,
Soon a grown woman will be,
Wishing all a Happy Ester.




16 thoughts on “Why Hannah Can’t Spel

  1. Hmmm… I almost always correct my kids’ spelling and grammar but I try to be sensitive to age. If my five year old preschooler wrote that, I might let it go, just being pleased that no letters were backwards and the spelling wasn’t worse. My ten year old, I’d tell. And he’d be mortified and either cram in the A or redo it. Another possibility is that the child posted the sign without her parents’ knowledge. And another… terrifying… possibility is that the parents didn’t notice it was misspelled.

    Oh, and you are getting me to come around on this whole poetry thing… 🙂

    • Thanks. Yes, I knew the age thing would be a factor. She’s actually 8. (Just couldn’t get that to fit well on the rhyme). Don’t think she could have hung it herself (too high) or that mom and dad didn’t notice. Just think they wanted her to be happy and didn’t bother to correct her but that is just an inference based on what I know about the family.

      • I kinda assumed you were likely inferring based on additional information. I know families like that. They likely either didn’t bother or actually thought the misspelling was part of what made it cute (despite the fact that 8 year olds – in my mind – should be able to spell Easter). 😦

        The more I thought about it, the more I thought I’d probably still tell my 5 year old he had spelled it wrong and helped him make a new one. But I’m kind of anal about such things.

    • So let it be written so let it be done! I don’t think I will be able to say Happy Easter again as it is now Happy Ester. Thank for for berating her. I probably would have too, if not for the PC police!

  2. Maybe the sign isn’t about Easter at all. Ester Bunny, an interesting character she is. (I agree there is something very sad about those little post-its)

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