I Wore Red To Target

I wore red to Target,
Not the best idea,
I wore red to Target,
And everybody near,
Said, “Do you work here?”
Said, “Can you help me, miss?”
And dear readers don’t you know
I couldn’t take much more of this!

If one more customer asks me for help
I think I’ll flip my lid!
And did that one customer come by?
Well you know she did!
I told her there were discounts when there weren’t,
I gave her wrong directions,
I told her there were frying pans,
In the electronics section!

Then I felt so much better,
And everything was fine,
Until I discovered,
I was in back of her on line.



15 thoughts on “I Wore Red To Target

  1. Haha! People are always asking me for help at stores as if I work there. I hate shopping, so I probably have that grim “working face” and that draws them to me. 🙂

  2. Insanely brilliant and so wicked!! Loved it. I can just imagine a customer in line with a basket full of frying pans. The Target store looks huge. No wonder everyone is looking for some help. Reminds me too not to go wearing an orange top on an easyjet flight.

  3. Follow up comment. Just left a Walmart. I’m in shirt and tie. I think the employees thought I was a manager. I kept getting nods from them as if they knew me and when I was heading to a restroom one held open the door to the warehouse for me because they seemed to think that’s where I was going. Unlike you however I treated everyone kindly. : p

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