Review of Phil Taylor’s ‘White Picket Prisons’

All hail the emergence of middle aged anti-heroes Chuck, Cliff, Coop and Goober! Phil Taylor does it again (or did it before) with a masterful thriller which incorporates edge of your seat action and suspense with Phil’s undeniable comedic flair as we find this unlikely group of childhood friends, now considerably older, falling ass backwards in to some m*****f***ing CSI type s***!


So for those of you who are lost already, let’s start at the beginning. Meet Phil Taylor, indie author, comedy blogger, and all around awesome guy. A few months ago, I jumped at the chance to review his latest release “The Sneaker Tree”. I had so much fun reading and reviewing that book that I could not resist the opportunity to review his previous release “White Picket Prisons”.

“White Picket Prisons” is a white knuckle ride that can hold it’s own next to any well known suspense novel of our time. It is an edge of your seat thriller, which also delivers a sense of nostalgia and comedy by the boat load, while capturing a metaphorical picture of what could well lurk behind the white picket fences of suburban life.

Although the two book’s plots are completely independent of one another, “The Sneaker Tree” could well serve as a prequel to it’s slightly sexier predecessor. And while “The Sneaker Tree” might appeal to a wider range of audience including young adult, “White Picket Prisons” includes more of what adults are looking for when they read a thriller, like sex, blood and rock n’ roll. Kudos to Phil for proving his versatility as an author.

And while I’m at it, let me give Phil a hats off for  bringing me back to my childhood by peppering the text with rock songs lyrics of the 80s. But ‘Jesus H. Christ and The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse’? Wow Phil, you do dig deep!

A while back Phil wrote a blog called ‘Who Is Phil Taylor and Why Should You Read His Books?. If this review has not answered those questions, you might want to follow this link and read that blog. But for a more succinct answer to these philosophical questions of the the ages: ‘a very talented comedy and suspense writer’ and ‘because he’s AWESOME!!’

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