Land of Regret

I time traveled back to the land of regret,
To eliminate the fretting,
Over all the things done in my life,
I lay awake regretting.

And all the things I never said,
I said them all a plenty,
I stuck up for myself in ways I never had,
Since hind sight’s 20/20.

And insults I took them all back too,
I became much more daring,
And all the worries I wasted hours on,
I ended up not caring.

And all the chances that I never took,
The things I never bought,
The choices that I never made,
The lessons never taught.

And after all was said and done,
I looked back to see,
I regretted taking those regrets back,
They were what made me me.

And I will make mistakes again,
And I will not forget them,
But I think the difference now is,
I will not regret them.


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