The Sociopath At The High School Reunion

Quietly I sit in the back
And look at all of the bitches
Mental notes of their degeneration
The stuff I store like riches.

Tammy’s ass has got so fat
Gina turned into her mother
Yvette has all but lost her chin
Lisa showed up with her brother,

Christine hasn’t done her roots
And I can see her hair’s really grey
Evelyn should know all that Botox
Ain’t foolin’ no one anyway.

Ellen cashiers in a grocery store
And can you say the word boozer?
Jennifer hasn’t stepped away from the bar
And her husband is kind of a loser.

I leave with a smile on my face
For now it’s so easy to see
They should have known better than to tempt karma’s fate
When they decided to pick on me.


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29 thoughts on “The Sociopath At The High School Reunion

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  4. If you decide to go on with the t-shirt deal, I would like to have one!! I love the way you write, Marissa (came looking for you since your last posts haven’t showed up in my reader… and I missed you!! πŸ˜‰ )

    • Oh thank you. Definitely overwhelmed by your compliments as I enjoy your writing much as well. I’ve experienced that too by the way…where certain writers don’t show up in my emails for a while and then they do again.

      • πŸ™‚ … now I know if I want to catch my favorite writers’ posts, I have to look into their blogs to never miss any!

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  6. See, this is why we should go to my reunion this summer… So that I can introduce all of those piece of shit rednecks and their fat fucking spouses to my gorgeous and witty wife!

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  8. I didn’t even get an invite to a “reunion” that was apparently a big one but actually just a bunch of sh*ts from school deciding to hold one themselves…and invite people via facebook…which is great IF you’re fb friends with everyone whom bullied you at school *facepalm*. I eventually got one via the “invite friends” option and graciously declined…I can’t think of anything WORSE than opting to go with a bunch of people whom ruined 6 years of my life…other than to thank them for making me who I am today of course πŸ˜‰ Anyway…LOVE this post πŸ™‚

  9. Reading all these comments, I’m just going to latch onto a few of the ideas. I will never have a high school reunion as there were only six of us in the graduating class of a small, private school in Hollywood, and we have lost track of one another. As to age, you reach a certain point, around 65, when you don’t give a damn anymore and only hope you can gather in some more years to enjoy. I am new to your post and having a great time reading it.

    • Thank you English Professor. Those are interesting ideas to mull over. By the way, I see you around the blogosphere and was always under the (obviously false) impression that I was already following your blog and that, for some reason, you never wrote. I’m glad I took the time to investigate because your blogs are fascinating and it is clear you have..well…lived through interesting times. I currently live in Burbank and am very interested in your memories of Old Hollywood. Thanks for your feedback. P.S. Looking forward to the days when I don’t give a damn!!

  10. A good way to come in contact with old friends and check out if there are reunion events are on social sites like Facebook, and Google+. This can also prep you in what you will expect everyone will look like

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