Frying Pans And A Knife

It was Emily Anne’s birthday you see
She was such a devoted wife
And though she dreamed of lovely lingerie
Her husband brought frying pans and a knife.

She looked at him in wonderment
And said “What am I to do with these things?”
“Make us a lovely dinner you will
And we will eat like kings.”

The next day Emily Anne slaved away
To make a delicious meal to eat
She admired the weight of the frying pans
The ease of the knife cutting meat.

And so her husband came home that night
To a meal prepared so grandly
And he asked her how she liked her new gifts
“Oh I think they will come in quite handy!”

He retired to the sitting room
Belly full and clear of mind
Never fully expecting fate
To creep up from behind.

The frying pan came down on his head
The cut to his throat so swift
Reminding all men to think carefully
When picking their wife a gift.


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20 thoughts on “Frying Pans And A Knife

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  7. Agreed!!!!! This brought not only a smile but a chuckle as well. Great job on expressing how we women sometimes feel when we get ‘interesting’ gifts from our husbands.

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