The Divine Inspiration of My Husband’s Stupidity

It is a beautiful thing when inspiration comes knocking. I mean, one minute you’ve got nothing and the next, the Muse beckons from her heavenly chamber and, BAM, there you are, typing away happily once again. This morning, the Muse came in the glorious vision that was my husband at 7 AM.

There is an alarm clock in our bedroom but we rarely ever use it for it’s alarm function. My husband and I wake up at different hours, and the alarm clock is located on my husband’s side of the bed. Rather then reaching over his slumbering form to give the alarm a good whack once the ugly hour arrives, we choose to each have our respective cell phones, located on our respective sides of the bed, set for our respective hours of awakening.

I am still home when my husband’s alarm goes off and this morning was no exception. What was odd about today was that once his alarm commenced it’s unpleasant morning song, it continued to do so for quite some time. In other words, my husband was not turning the alarm off. At first I assumed that my husband was sleeping through his alarm, but after hearing his curses being muttered throughout the household, I was certain that this was an alarm malfunction and that the Master of All Things Electric had finally met his match.

When I was finally able to make it into the bedroom, I was greeted by a sight of carnage that was not easy to watch. My husband stood naked, clenching the alarm clock with Hulk like strength in what was apparently an attempt to strangle it. Then, horror of horrors, the death knell rang as my husband unplugged the alarm clock from the wall. But still, STILL!, the incessant ringing of the alarm would continue much to my husband’s befuddled chagrin.

By the time I caught a grasp on the situation, I must admit I was quite enjoying myself but I couldn’t let my poor husband take it much longer. “Darling,” I said, “it’s the iPhone!”

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