23 Things You Should Do Before You’re 23

So over the weekend Suzie81 wrote a blog about another blog, 23 Things To Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23. I had never heard of the original blog, but apparently, the girl who wrote this blog got called a slut and a whore for writing about alternative activities she would partake in rather than getting engaged before turning 23. Also, apparently, this girl’s blog went viral. In the meantime, I can’t seem to get arrested in this town. So taking the point of view that all publicity is good publicity, here’s my list but it’s late so I don’t think I’ll get to 23. Bring it on bitches!!

1. Sleep with at least 10 people
2. Go out without any underwear
3. Strip in a strip club
4.Hang out with Miley Cyrus
5.Go through a goth phase
6. Go through a heavy metal phase
7. Go through a punk phase (complete with green hair, a mohawk, and piercings)
8. Get rip roaring drunk and throw up on your neighbors lawn
9. Sniff glue
10. Worship Satan



(blogged, trashed, revised, reblogged, thank you)

12 thoughts on “23 Things You Should Do Before You’re 23

  1. The author didn’t get called a slut for listing all the promiscuous things she intended to do – I never said that at all… She was slated for being quite rude about young people that chose to get married before experiencing life, and my point was that ‘eating a jar of Nutella’ was a silly comparison to engagement.

    • Okay, Suzie. Sorry that I took what you said out of context. I admit that my blog was written kind of quickly in the spirit of late night inspiration.

  2. Man, that list looks EXPENSIVE! 🙂 J/K… Maybe that’s why #3 is present… gotta earn some paper, yo! 🙂

    I like this post! Cute and fun! In my opinion, people should do ANYTHING but get engaged/married at a very young age! I got married when I was almost 31 (first marriage – everyone asks me if this was my second or third marriage – uh, no…) Yes! Experience life! Marriage is not something to be taken lightly! 🙂

    • Oh boy. I guess we will have to make another list for the over 23 crowd.
      By the way, loving your book. Sorry it’s taking me a bit to complete. Thanks so much for giving it to me.

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